Anna Faris, Chris Evans Naked in New Film?

anna farisNude photos from the set of the 2011 film What's Your Number? surfaced today. And though the naked couple in the pics looks exactly like co-stars Anna Faris and Chris Evans, Faris' rep is denying that it's her.


Shot from behind the two actors, the photos show a dark-haired man and a blond woman completely disrobing before jumping into the Boston harbor. Some websites are reporting that this was Faris' first time stripping for the camera. But her spokesperson is claiming that while Faris was on hand to shoot the skinny-dipping scene, a "body double" was used for the nude shots.

No word on whether Evans used a stand-in.

In this case, the notion of life imitating art isn't playing out: Even though Faris played a Playboy bunny in House Bunny, she's apparently shy about being filmed nude in real life. And no wonder: Faris' real-life hubby Chris Pratt is also in the film -- which tells the story of a woman looking back at the past 20 men she's had relationships with -- so perhaps he didn't want to see her naked with another man?

One thing is clear: The cast for this flick is stacked. In addition to Faris, Evans, and Pratt, Andy Samberg, Joel McHale, and Zachary Quinto will also star.

Do you think that's actually Anna in those photos or a body double?


Image vis Splash News

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