'Edward Scissorhands' Remake: Should Robert Pattinson Star?

Rumors have run rampant this weekend that Robert Pattinson may star in a remake of Edward Scissorhands. While they have been shot down as false by moviefone, the reaction from fans to the mere thought of Pattinson taking on this role has been fierce and raises an interesting question. 

"Though it's possible there may be a remake someday that will get us all riled up, there's no fear -- for now -- that Pattinson will supplant Johnny Depp in our cherished memories," the site states.


I love the movie and I loved Johnny Depp in the movie. I can't imagine anyone doing it as well as he did, but if anyone is going to try, I don't think Pattinson would be that poor of a choice. He's already kinda got the hair going on and the whole broody thing.

Perhaps Kristen Stewart could play Kim, the role Winona Ryder played in the original?

On second thought (after watching the trailer more than a couple times and remembering how much I love this movie), let's just all go rent the original and forget the remake. Why mess with a good thing?

Would you like to see Robert Pattinson star in a remake of Edward Scissorhands? How do you feel about remakes in general?

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