Jennifer Love Hewitt: Prostitute Mom?

I believe I am dating myself when I say I remember Jennifer Love Hewitt from the teen drama Party of Five. But I think Jennifer's days of sugary sweet roles are officially over with this new movie -- Lifetime's The Client List. She plays a prostitute. Gasp!



It's a classic scenario of a good-girl-gone-bad, but with a twist: Her character is a wife and mother who starts secretly turning tricks to get her family through the economic downturn. But uh-oh, her secret life and revenue stream eventually catch up with her and she ends up in some big trouble where she is forced to reveal her list of high-profile clients to keep custody of her children.

Like Heidi Fleiss with kids? Um ... not so much.

I think Jennifer Love Hewitt is a smart choice for this role. She's not known for splashing across the tabloids in her underwear or for acting crazy. Though when she was photographer in her bikini she caught a lot of flack for how her body looked. She's real. And she's probably very believable in the role of a woman who, for whatever reason, takes a wrong turn.

Having said that though, I am willing to buy that a woman might turn to desperate measures under horrible circumstances, but becoming a call girl based upon the economic downturn seems more than a little hard to believe -- don't you think?

You can decide for yourself if you tune in to watch The Client List (which according to Lifetime, is based on a true story). It premieres Monday, July 19 at 9 PM E.S.T. 

Do you think this storyline gives mothers a bad rap? Or is this great for Jennifer Love?

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