Twilight Eclipse Fans Camp Out for Premiere: Crazy or Cool?

Next up in the "Twilight Fans Are Kinda Kooky" department: At least a thousand die-hard “Twi-hards” have lined up, day and night, at the Nokia Theater in LA, where the third movie in the series, Eclipse, is set to premiere tonight. Only 550 are even guaranteed to land on the carpet.

And these aren’t kids. Some of the women interviewed are in their 30s and 40s. One woman flew in from Sweden for this. Sweden. The mind boggles.


The movie’s production company, Summit Entertainment, is rewarding camped-out fans with a live-streamed concert featuring songs from the movie’s soundtrack, a screening of the last movie, and even appearances by the actors. An internal memo reveals an orderly plan to give fans coded wristbands and even relocate some fans so the staff can set up for the premiere. It’s all so well-orchestrated -- I sort of wonder how they knew it’d reach this level of craziness.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I smell a marketing plan.

But the more I ponder this, the more I start to wonder: What if there were an event like this for something I am really into? Like … um … the new season of Mad Men? What if there were a Woodstock-like event where people in bullet bras and white gloves were hanging out, swigging highballs, eyeing each other with arched eyebrows, and reading The Group? And Jon Hamm was set to show up? And, I dunno, Dean Martin was going to stream a live concert?

Well. You might well find me camped out in a swank little retro Gulf Stream trailer armed with a red plaid thermos full of dirty martinis. So I do not judge you, Eclipse fans.

What do you think of fans camping out for this movie premiere? Wish you were there, or are you totally nonplussed?

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