'Toy Story' Doesn't Make History Because of Two Critics

Two movie critic scrooges stood between the Toy Story trilogy and a historical perfect review. No trilogy in history has rated 100 percent fresh across the board on the movie review site, Rotten Tomatoes, but the beloved animated movies came oh so close, with all but two positive reviews for Toy Story 3

Bah humbug!


New York Press film critic Armond White dissed the third installment saying that it was "essentially a bored game that only the brainwashed will buy into" and that it's only fit for "non-thinking children and adults."

He actually compared it to Transformers 2 saying that the plots were similar, except that Transformers had greater thrill and opulence.

Seriously? This guy is a respected movie critic?

The other bashing critic, Cole Smithey, said, “Once you get past paying the inflated price for an animated ’3-D’ movie where nothing floats in front of your eyes as with quality 3-D films, the story that unfolds is more sad than joyful." 

This is coming from a guy who came out of nowhere and created a website, dubbing himself the "smartest film critic in the world."

What do you think of their negative reviews? Think they're just doing it to rile people up?

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