Val Kilmer is Proud of How Bad “MacGruber” Is

Don't look to Val Kilmer to try and sell you on why you should go see his new film MacGruber. In fact, he says it shouldn't even be called a film and is just bad.

And that's not bad as in bad ass or any other complimentary way -- he means just plain old bad.


"I'm proud of how bad this film is," Kilmer, who plays a villain named Dieter Von Cunth, told The Wall Street Journal. "In fact, I can't believe I just called it a film. It's a two-hour skit."

Judging from the trailer I can't say I disagree.

He goes on to insult or compliment (I'm not quite sure which, but likely the latter) his costars Will Forte and Kristen Wiig. 

"They're both in their own class, when it comes to subtle comedy, and in terms of classlessness, MacGruber is truly one of the dumbest characters ever," he said. "I guess there are those guys from ‘Dumb and Dumber' - but that's silly dumb. This is desperate, realistic dumb." 

The film is based on a Saturday Night Live skit MacGuyer, which I've never seen. And my guess is that fans of the skit won't care if Kilmer calls it bad or not. For the rest of us, he doesn't make a very compelling argument to go see it ... unless we want to see how bad it really can be.

Have you seen MacGruber? Do you want to?


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