'Valentine's Day,' Johnny Depp -- New DVDs for Mom's Night In

Valentine's Day
Amazon.com; $16.99
It's so hard for busy moms to get out to the movies!

Here are the latest releases you can buy, rent, or stream, and enjoy on the couch -- no sitter required!


Valentine's Day

Chick-flick alert! A star-studded cast and the director of Pretty Woman come together to bring this sprawling tale of various couples, randomly intertwined, at different stages of love and loss in LA. Starring Bradley Cooper, Eric Dane, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Patrick Dempsey, Anne Hathaway, Ashton Kutcher, and a whole lot more.

Extraordinary Measures

Based on a true story, Harrison Ford stars as a doctor who just might hold the key to survival for two kids stricken by a mysterious disease. Brendan Fraser and Kerri Russell co-star as the kids' parents, and the amazing tale of a heroic fight for survival will have you sniffling as you run down the hall to check on your sleeping kids.


Morgan Freeman stars as Nelson Mandela, struggling to make South Africa's hosting of the Rugby World Cup in 1995 a healing … zzzzzz *snort* wait hang on -- Matt Damon with his shirt off!

21 Jump Street: Season Two

It's corny. It's overblown. It's dramatic. It's an embryonic Johnny Depp in his breakthrough TV role! Check it out!

The Greatest American Hero: The Complete Series

Gather round, kids: Way back in the '80s, the cutest man in the world shook his curly yellow locks and starred in this family-friendly series about an accidental superhero. Need something you can always stick in the DVD player to keep the tweens entertained? Even if you don't remember the original series, this is going to be tons of fun -- plus, behold the catchiest theme song ever (if I'm not mistaken, sung by star William Katt):

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