"Robin Hood," "Letters to Juliet," "Just Wright" -- New Movies to See This Weekend

Robin Hood
Photo from Universal Studios
It's finally Friday! Here's a roundup of new movies hitting theaters tonight. All about the men in tights? Russell Crowe stars in Robin Hood. Want love and basketball? Queen Latifah and Common find both in Just Wright. Headed out for a girls' night? There's Letters to Juliet.


Robin Hood (Universal Pictures/Imagine Entertainment)

All action and no heart, Gladiator director Ridley Scott's epic $200 million take on the classic tale resets it in historical 12th-century England, creating an origin tale with Russell Crowe as the moral thief before he became the legend and Cate Blanchett as his feisty Maid Marian (she sure knows how to wield a sword). Sprawling out over two-and-a-half hours of arrow slings and hardly veiled modern-day politics, this Robin Hood tries to be a grand epic but turns into a bit of a snoozer, sadly.

Letters to Juliet (Summit Entertainment)

A young writer named Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) finds a letter to Juliet -- one of thousands asking advice from the fictional star-crossed Shakespeare character and usually answered by the Capulets' "secretaries" -- in fair Verona while exploring Italy. So of course she goes on a mission to help the woman (Vanessa Redgrave) who wrote it reunite with her long lost Italian love (Redgrave's real-life love Franco Nero). Along the way, she falls for the woman's grating-but-dashing grandson (Christopher Egan). Comic relief is provided by the charming Gabriel Garcia Bernal, who plays Seyfried's food-obsessed fiance. A light confection of a film with stunning visuals that will whisk you away to Tuscany.

Just Wright (Fox Searchlight)

A sports flick with heart? Or a romantic comedy with a dash of action? This one is a bit of both. Just Wright stars the always-charming Queen Latifah as Leslie Wright, a physical therapist and your every-woman. That is until she connects with her hottie client Scott McKnight, a New Jersey Nets star waylaid by what could be a career-killing injury. Just when things start to heat up between them, Scott falls for Leslie's gold-digging, wannabe-trophy wife BFF (played by the lovely Paula Patton). Ouch. Look for solid supporting turns by Pam Grier, Phylicia Rashad, and James Pickens, Jr. (Grey's Anatomy). A bit predictable, but overall it's an uplifting chick flick that your husband won't mind sitting through, either.

Are you going to the movies this weekend?

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