The Magic 8 Ball Movie, Plus Other Toys That Should Be on the Big Screen

eight ball
Flickr photo greeblie
The Magic 8 Ball gave me such great advice as a child. It told me that I "couldn't count on" my fourth-grade boyfriend liking me, that I should "definitely" dance with Greg at the sixth-grade dance, and it "was likely" that Sarah was talking about me behind my back.

And now the Magic 8 Ball will have a movie made about it.


NY Mag reports that the plan is to turn Magic 8 Ball into a sort of live-action National Treasure-style action-adventure movie. I can see Nicolas Cage now, shaking the toy in order to get to a hidden Incan treasure that's "not likely" in the area that it was "definitely" in just a moment before. Just like the last two National Treasure movies!

Here are some other toys that definitely deserve their own film:

  • Popples: The adorable brightly colored Popples had their own TV show, but a movie should definitely be made about these creatures that can turn inside-out.
  • Roller Racers: Talladega Nights meets Speed Racer.
  • Dream Phone game: How much more chick flick can you get? A bunch of girls trying to figure out who their secret admirer is and when they finally hear the "You're right! I really like you," it's climactic. Squeeeeal!
  • Rubik's Cube: Have to solve the puzzle or the world is doomed. Oh crap. 
  • View-Master: Instead of seeing cartoons, our hero sees the future. Oooo. 

Mr. Magic 8 Ball, would any of these movies be any good?

"Cannot predict now."

Damn you!

What are some toys that you think should be turned into a movie?


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