"The Back-Up Plan" Movie Review

In The Back-Up Plan, Jennifer Lopez plays Zoe, a thirty-something single woman living in Manhattan (the obvious set-up for a chick flick) who just hasn't found Mr. Right yet. She really wants a baby, so she decides to take matters into her own hands and gets artificially inseminated.


And wouldn't you know it, the day that she gets pregnant, she meets hot, sexy, sweet Stan (played by Alex O'Loughlin). D'oh! Didn't see that one coming at all.

After going on a couple of dates, she unleashes the news, which causes him to freak out. Then, after thinking it over, he decides he's in. He wants to stay with her and her hormone-raging, food-craving self.

The next, oh, say hour, is pretty reliant on the stereotypical pregnancy laughs: The lack of romance, the dress that doesn't fit, etc. etc. etc. Yawn.

The only shocking part of the film was the home water birth of a fellow member of the support group that Zoe is involved with. For some reason, they make the home birth look like some weird hippie ritual, complete with drums and strange chanting noises. Yeah, because that's exactly what a home birth is like. Geezus, who were the writers for this?

It's a cute movie, but more like a cute movie to watch during one of those TBS movie marathon things. I certainly wouldn't pay $12 to see it.

Do you plan on seeing The Back-Up Plan? If you saw it, let me know what you thought of it!




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