"How to Train Your Dragon" Makes Me Want to Get a Second Dog

how to train your dragon
Photo from DreamWorks

If you haven't already seen How to Train Your Dragon, I have to ask: What's wrong with you!? Seriously, I can't recommend it enough. In addition to high-flying adventure and a terrific plot that tugs at the heart strings, it has one of the most endearing animated characters of all time -- one of those movie characters you wish you could take home and keep as a pet.


I'm not sure why I fell head over heels for Toothless -- the adorable (yet lethal) dragon at the heart of the film -- but I think it has something to do with his "dog-like" characteristics. He does tricks in exchange for food (just like my dog); likes getting scratched (just like my dog!); and was fiercely loyal, protective, and eager to please (yup, my dog again). I couldn't get enough!

I obviously can't get a dragon for the house, but I was thinking: Maybe a second dog? (Oops, the husband looking over my shoulder says, "Hell no!")

Falling in love with fictional characters is all part of the fun of animated kids' films. Here are a few we wish we could take home as "pets":

  • Stitch from Lilo & Stitch: Is he a koala? Is he a French bulldog? Who cares! Under all that mischievousness, Stitch is one of Disney's most-loved characters -- just ask anyone.
  • Remy from Ratatouille: This little rat is so earnest it hurts. Plus, who wouldn't want a pet that could cook gourmet meals for you.
  • Sebastian from The Little Mermaid: He's strict and annoyingly critical but, wow, can that crab/lobster ever sing!
  • Bolt from Bolt: There's something so lovable about this little white dog that thinks he has super powers (and really does!).
  • Rhino from Bolt: And while we're on the subject of Bolt, this hamster (and his plastic ball) is quite possibly one of the most awesome animated characters of all time.
  • Dory from Finding Nemo: I'm not much for pet fish, unless it's this regal tang with short-term memory loss.
  • Dug from Up: For anyone who's ever wished that they could know what their dog is thinking, this talking dog is a dream come true.
  • WALL-E from WALL-E: Adorable trash compactor robot would probably be one of the cleanest pets around!

What's your favorite animated character?

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