9 (Somewhat) Unconventional Movies to Watch With Mom

Dmother's dayon't forget your mom this Mother's Day! This weekend, instead of the traditional brunch, why not hit up Netflix, On Demand, or your local movie rental store (do they still have those?) and bond over a film you and your mom will love.

Here are the top contenders to turn on for every type of mom. Yes, even yours.





the blind side
Photo from The Blind Side
For the mom who inspires you to do more:
The Blind Side

Now that it's been revealed that Sandra Bullock is a mom, this movie takes on even more meaning. Savor the tale of a mom who truly taught her children by example. If your mom walked the walk, she'll love this homage to strong women making altruistic life choices.





Photo from Twilight
For the Twi-mom:
Twilight and New Moon

They know who they are, and you do too by that Team Edward shirt your mom insists on wearing to the market. What better way to make Mom happy than by setting up a double feature of Twilight and New Moon for her special day? Admit it, you're hooked on vampire love too.





steel magnolias
Amazon; $7.49
For the mom who likes to cry it out:
Steel Magnolias

If you and your mom need to bond over a good cleansing sob, this is the flick that'll get you there. I can't even think about Sally Field's impassioned "I'm fine! I could jog all the way to Texas and back, but my daughter can't!" speech without releasing a flood of tears. Great, there I go again.





father of the bride II
Amazon; $12.49
For the best friend mom:
Father of the Bride II

Remember when you called your mom up to ask if it was possible to die from first-trimester nausea? Remember what she said? That's right, nothing helpful. That is, unless you've got a BFF mom who can relate to every single thing you're going through and doesn't have to search the memory bank because she feels it too. Just like Nina and Annie.





Amazon; $8.99
For the mom who gets that you've gotta have a sense of humor about things:

The 1989 dramedy classic still holds up, so much so that NBC based a new Parenthood series on the film that chronicled the sprawling Buckman family. Rent it to relate because you know you've got a lovable loser uncle, a cantankerous grandpa, and an anxiety-laden fourth-grader somewhere in your brood. Lauren Graham or Diane Wiest -- who plays beleaguered mom best?




sound of music
Amazon; $21.49
For the "life is a musical" mom:
The Sound of Music

As my mother shared with me, I also gave the gift of Julie Andrews to my own daughter. No matter the main character is a governess to motherless children, Maria becomes a mom by singing her way into the hearts of the von Trapp family. A multi-generational pick, all the ladies in my family know the words to "Do Re Mi." Coming next, teaching my daughter to bid adieu to our dinner guests with an enthusiastic rendition of "So Long, Farewell."




thelma & louise
Amazon; $7.49
For the mom you'd follow off a cliff: Thelma & Louise

Did your mom teach you that girl power will win in the end? Or at least that standing by your gfs will mean you'll never die (or dine) alone? Then take this road trip with mom and yee-haw over Brad Pitt's stellar debut in this ultimate chick flick for the girl's girl.






Amazon; $12.49
For the mom who needs to get out of her comfort zone:

Yes, it might seem counterintuitive to watch a movie with your mother that features naked men in disgusting, hairy, and compromising positions, but if your mom needs a stress reliever (and you know she'd never rent this on her own), I say go for Borat. She'll laugh or be completely appalled, but she won't forget Sacha Baron Cohen's catch phrase anytime soon. Very niiice.



Which movie would you watch with your mom?

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