"The Last Song:" Is it Any Good?

Photo from Touchstone Films
Miley Cyrus is breaking out of her Hannah Montana niche and going for the drama in The Last Song, which hits theaters today.

Miley seems like an all-right girl; one who has made some questionable choices, but if we went back and surveyed my teen years I'm sure I'd fare much worse. (Like say, getting into the car with the ONE person my mom always told me not to . . . and winding up at the police precinct at age 14.) So I do root for the kid. But I might be the only one.


The most interestingly mixed review comes from Roger Ebert in the Chicago Sun Times where he says for Miley Cyrus fans, he'll give the film four stars. For the rest of us, two and a half. Ebert reserves the really scathing comments for The Last Song writer, Nicholas Sparks.

Salon really goes for the jugular blaming Cyrus for the failure of the entire movie. Ouch.

The only great review I could find came from Entertainment Weekly. But the glowing review of The Last Song and especially of Miley in her break-out role is such a departure from every other review; I'm a little bit suspicious. What kind of swag bag might they have had at that screening?

Reviews be damned, if you like Miley, or the romantic stylings of Nicholas Sparks, you're going to see this movie. Most likely, you're going to love this movie.

Even if Miley Cyrus' break out role is kind of broke, the seventeen-year-old star did get one thing right on the set of The Last Song. She totally scored a hot boyfriend with co-star Liam Hemsworth, who claims hanging with the Cyrus family feels like home. Awwwww.

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