"Clash of the Titans," "The Last Song" -- New Movies To See This Weekend, April 2

The Last Song
Photo from Touchstone Pictures

Here's a round-up of new movies -- including Clash of the Titans and The Last Song hitting theaters tonight. Staying in? We've got your best new DVD pick, too!


The Last Song (Touchstone Pictures)

Another Nicholas Sparks treacle-fest -- this one written specifically for Miley Cyrus, who makes her much-maligned dramatic debut -- focuses on a rebellious teen piano prodigy (Cyrus) from New York who's sent packing to Georgia to reconnect with her divorcee dad (Greg Kinnear) via their shared love of music. Along the way, she finds love (in the form of newcomer, Cyrus's real-life love Liam Hemsworth) -- and herself -- in the Southern Beach town while trying to rescue some endangered turtles.

Clash of the Titans (Warner Bros.)

The latest 3D blockbuster starring Avatar hero Sam Worthington, this action-packed remake of the classic tale follows Perseus, the son of Greek God Zeus (Liam Neeson), as he tries to Hades (Ralph Fiennes) and other Underworld evils from destroying life on Earth.

Why Did I Get Married Too (Lionsgate)

Tyler Perry serves up a second installment of satire aimed at love and marriage. Perry, Janet Jackson, and Jill Scott star in this dramedy, Perry's patently acerbic take on Couples Retreat, centered on four married couples whose seemingly idyllic marriages start to unravel during a too-friendly vacation in the Bahamas.


Sherlock Holmes (Warner Bros.)

With restrained-but-funny performances by Robert Downey Jr. as the bumbling detective Holmes and Jude Law as his intellectual sidekick Watson, this all-star version of the classic tale, directed by Guy Ritchie (Snatch, RockNRolla) -- which also features Rachel McAdams -- is smart, popcorn-worthy fare for a cozy night in. 

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