"Forget Paris:" Chick Flicks We Love

With March Madness in full swing, everyone's talking basketball. If you don't have any interest in the tournament, at the very least you can watch our top-seeded basketball-themed chick flick, Forget Paris.


This 1995 romantic comedy follows the highs and lows of the relationship between a NBA referee (Billy Crystal) and an airlines employee (Debra Winger) who meet in Paris, fall in love, and get married. Written and directed by Crystal, the movie features several professional basketball players in cameo performances including: Charles Barkley, Dan Majerle, Isiah Thomas, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Reggie Miller, Patrick Ewing, David Robinson, and many, many more.

You could care less about vintage basketball stars? Then I have nine words for you: Debra Winger gets a pigeon stuck to her head. (The hilarious clip is above.)

Seriously, you've got to see this movie. It's touching and funny, though, the sperm jokes (Winger's character is infertile) get a little old after a while.

What's your favorite basketball movie?

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