Mom’s ‘Obscene’ Photo of Baby Wearing Fake Nails Divides the Internet

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Could anyone blame us for participating in a little self-care while we're staying at home? We didn't think so. But people on Reddit are absolutely blaming one mom for seemingly going overboard on the DIY pampering after a photo of a baby's extra-long fake nails was shared online.

  • This finely turned-out baby got his or her 15 minutes of internet fame on Wednesday.

    The little one's hand was featured on the Reddit forum r/Trashy and showed off tiny fingers with bedazzled long nails complete with rhinestones and the Louis Vuitton logo.

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  • It's not clear where the photo was originally featured.

    But what was clear is that people had some strong feelings about the image.

  • Some people were clearly judging the mother for this mini manicure and slamming it as incredibly dangerous.

    "So, when my kid was about 6 months, he got his entire finger under my eyelid before I could move away," one commenter wrote. "This picture terrifies me."

    "I’m concerned this baby will poke her eye out," someone else added.

    "The obscenity. A baby...." another user wrote.

  • Other people saw this more like a lighthearted joke. 

    "Looks like someone just having fun with their kid," one person commented.

    "They’re temporary press on nails, probably just for a silly pic, if mom does nails," someone else suggested.

    "As long as they were stuck on with an adhesive tab (like a STICKER), I don’t see anything wrong with taking a picture in them to be silly or play dress up," a third commenter chimed in.

  • Whether this was the case of some self-isolation boredom or a photo opportunity, we just hope two things:

    That mom was watching closely and that the silly act had a happy (and safe) ending.

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