Target Announced a Change to Its Cartwheel Program & Almost Caused Mass Hysteria


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In life, there are certain things you simply don't mess with: someone's partner, someone's kid, someone's snack, and anything that combines "Target" and "savings" in the same sentence. News that Target is ending its Cartwheel Perks program almost caused mass hysteria among parents and Red Dot enthusiasts alike, but as it turns out, things aren't as bad as you think ... kinda.

  • Anyone who employs the powers of Target's Cartwheel savings app likely felt a change in the force.

    Seriously, you've been missing out on life if you don't use the Cartwheel app that allows you to save 5 to 50 percent off on various items throughout the store. And that doesn't include the additional manufacturer's coupons -- and Target deals -- you can also use.

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  • Target is bidding adieu to its Cartwheel Perks program, and has turned feelings of joy for this beloved retailer into ire.

  • Because, when people saw "Cartwheel" and "Perks" together -- presuming the Cartwheel app as a whole would be no longer -- folks weren't pleased...

  • ... at all.

  • Others who understood which "perks" were leaving still didn't like the idea that likely left people looking to the heavens for answers.

  • As it turns out, Target is *not* doing away with Cartwheel savings, but *is* discontinuing a year-old pilot program accessible in select cities.

    The Cartwheel Perks program -- available to Cartwheel app users in Denver, Houston, Raleigh-Durham, San Diego, and St. Louis -- enabled in-store Target shoppers to accumulate redeemable points for things like food and apparel, CNBC reports.

    And all of that appears to be going away, as Perks participants have until August 27 to collect points and September 27 to use them.

  • We can survive with that!

    John Murphy, Target's VP of Digital Product, hints more changes are on the way.

    "... We're moving Cartwheel, our popular savings app, into the main Target app this summer," Murphy reveals in a Target statement. "That means guests will have one place where they can map out their store trips, snag great Cartwheel deals on in-store purchases, check out Target's store and online assortments and, of course, make online purchases."

  • A world with no Cartwheel savings is like a world with no rainbows and sunshine -- and we want no part of it!

    Don't you scare us again, damn it!

  • So it looks like we can live to see another day with our precious Cartwheel app -- stocking up on food, diapers, and random stuff calling our name.

    Don't act like you don't spend 45 minutes in Bullseye's Playground.

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