10 Women on Their Partner's Most Annoying Money Habit

Wendy Robinson | Feb 24, 2017 Money
10 Women on Their Partner's Most Annoying Money Habit
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In my house, I'm in charge of the finances. This is partially because I enjoy dealing with the money stuff and partially because if my husband was in charge, I would LOSE MY MIND. 

My husband managed his own finances for years before we got married. He is a smart guy, but he's not exactly the most detail oriented. In most things, this doesn't bug me. But once we joined our finances together, I realized pretty quickly that his rather casual approach to keeping track of receipts and getting the bills paid was a fight waiting to happen.

When it comes to coupling our finances, we all know that money stuff can be a big source of tension. But what are the habits, big and small, that drive us the most nuts? Click on for some real talk on the most annoying money habits our partners can have. And, #1, you're right -- that is super annoying! 

  • Daddy's Boy

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    "My husband let his dad be our financial adviser. He's an accountant, so he knows what he is talking about, but I HATE that he knows every detail of our financial life. He even comes over once a month to balance the checkbook with my husband. It is so ridiculous, but they've done it together for years now and my husband refuses to do it on his own." -- D.W. 

  • Cash It


    "My husband still gets paid by check for some jobs (he's a contractor) and it takes him forever to get around to getting to the bank. Dude -- we need the money! Just cash it." -- L.M. 

  • Failure to Negotiate


    "My husband just landed a job after finishing his degree. I'm so proud of him, but he totally didn't negotiate his salary at all. He works for a public agency, so I googled salaries of his coworkers and he is making way less. I'm so annoyed he didn't ask for more." -- J.N. 

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  • Small Things


    "The most annoying habit is his refusal to admit that small changes in habit get big results. Like:

    'If we stop doing X, we could save a lot of money.'

    'Well, it's only $10.'

    'Yeah, but it's 4-5 times a month, 12 months a year!'

    Just doesn't get it!" -- S.G. 

  • Grocery Mystery

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    "My husband doesn't do MUCH of our household supply shopping, but when he does, he pays ZERO attention to prices. Like, he can go to the grocery store for milk and eggs and spend $25 somehow. And if I ask why he decided to buy the gallon of milk that was $18 because it is organic, hand-expressed, and cut with the tears of angels, he's just like, 'Oh, I didn't notice. I just grabbed whatever was closest!' 

    "Or, heaven forbid he needs to buy something online -- he'll just click on whatever the first result on Amazon is, without bothering to see if maybe the exact same thing is cheaper, two listings down. Another reason why I do the bulk of our shopping, but I can't even wrap my brain around his methodology!" -- C.M. 

  • Paper Problem


    "My husband refuses to sign up for online bill pay. But he also usually gets our mail and more than once has accidentally thrown a bill into recycling, resulting in our getting hit with late fees. He is on warning -- one more time and we are going all online." -- K.S. 

  • Secret Accounts


    "His most annoying financial habit is that he is really secretive. He makes a good salary and all of our money stuff is in good shape, but he won't tell me about all of his retirement accounts and stuff like that. We don't have all of our accounts joined and I don't know what the holdup is. But our credit scores are great, so I don't think he is hiding something bad. But he just isn't really wanting to share." -- A.E. 

  • Surprise Purchases


    "His most annoying habit is randomly using our joint household account for big unplanned purchases and then acting surprised when it's empty before the end of the month. We use that account for a very specific set of budgeted expenses that are nearly the same every month -- mortgage, utilities, groceries, daycare, etc.

    "So using it, for example, to pay for two new car seats or a week of pet boarding, when we haven't planned to do that, is kind of disruptive! Either put more in the joint account for those purchases or use your other account!" -- K.W. 

  • ATM Issues

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    "He uses the ATM and totally doesn't pay attention to fees. Once, he had deposited a check in the ATM on Friday night and headed out to Missouri on a three-day weekend. He kept checking his balance all weekend, at multiple ATMs not affiliated with our bank, waiting for his check to clear. (Spoiler: It cleared on Tuesday night.) He wound up way overdrawn because he didn't realize he was being charged $6 every time he did it -- $3 from that bank, and $3 from our bank. THEN, he was being charged $35 every time the fees hit because we were overdrawn. He ended up spending well over $100 in fees that weekend and never even withdrew any money!" -- T.S. 

  • Freelance Frustration

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    "My husband is a freelance graphic designer. He is super talented but so disorganized with the business aspect. He takes forever to invoice his customers, so sometimes we are waiting for months for money he is owed. It is so stressful! 

    "Once he gets a few more clients, I plan to quit my job and try to take over as a business-manager-type role." -- T.L.

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