13 Surefire Ways to Score That Promotion, According to Experts

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You know and we know that you deserve a promotion at work. You've paid your dues and done your job well, but you're just not seeing that reflected in your title (or in your paycheck). Even worse, you're seeing your coworkers climb the ladder all around you. So, how do you show your boss you're ready for a bump up, too?


You know that saying about dressing for the job you want, not the job you have? Yeah, well, we talked to some career experts, and it turns out there's some truth to that.

But when it comes to promotions, it's less about dressing up every day and more about acting like the confident, promotion-deserving employee you are. And that translates to small changes you can make daily that'll show your boss you're ready for more responsibilities.

Got a glass ceiling? Let's get cracking.

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