12 Women on Sexism at Work: It’s Still a Thing & It Still Sucks

iStock.com/MachineHeadzDoes anyone else feel like they are living in a time warp? I know the calendar says what year it is, but then I watch the news and suddenly it sounds like the 1950s all over again. We still hear about sexism regularly in the news and in headlines, which means way too many of us are having to relive all the times we've dealt with discrimination in our lives. Especially when it comes to the workplace.


As a boss, I regularly see women who are totally killing it professionally, but I also know that work is a place where too many women have dealt with creepy bosses, rude coworkers, and opportunities denied because of their gender. 

I believe that there is power in telling our stories, especially given that there are some people who seem to think we're still living back in the Mad Men days. 

So read on and respect these 12 women for sharing the truth about those crappy moments when being a woman still matters way too much at work.

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