12 Female Bosses Tell the Truth About Being in Charge

I've always been a hard worker and someone who cares a lot about my career. I've been in the same field for almost 20 years now, and have been someone's boss for almost half that time. I do my best to be a good leader, which is why it is disappointing to hear that Americans are still more likely to prefer a male boss to a female one


Although I love my job, I have to admit that being a boss, a mom, a wife, and a good friend sometimes feels like a lot to juggle. Over the course of my career, I've dealt with sexism at work, the feeling of failing as a mom when I don't make it to school functions, and the frustrations of having to deal with crabby employees. 

I'm pretty sure I earn every penny of my salary. 

I reached out to other moms who are also bosses, including some who live outside the United States, to hear how they feel about their lives at work and at home. If you've ever thought being a boss looked easy, this story might just change your mind. 


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