12 Ways You've Been Missing Out on Free Money

Trilby Beresford | Sep 19, 2016 Money
12 Ways You've Been Missing Out on Free Money

It's not like we want to throw away money, but finding the best deals on everything from paper towels to tennis shoes can literally suck hours from your day, making it more convenient (but terrible on your wallet) to pay full price for the sake of time. But, thanks to the magic of technology, we no longer have to do the heavy lifting. 

Whether you're looking for deals on everyday grocery shopping or for the occasional splurge, or for an app to actually help you organize your money so that you know how much you can spend without running into trouble, we guarantee there's something here to help.


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  • Honey

    Image via Honey

    When it comes to user-friendly (and aesthetically pleasing) browser extensions, Honey tops the list. Once installed, it automatically finds the best coupon codes to apply at checkout. And with some retailers, you get an automatic cash back award.

    But it doesn't stop there. Honey knows Amazon like no one else, and searches individual vendors to get you the best price. Literally, the easiest way to get. Free. Money.

  • Slice Watch

    Image via Slice Watch

    Slice Watch is a new browser extension that works by tracking prices and sending email notifications when there's a cheaper deal vying for your attention.

    The app is really non-invasive, simply popping up in a little box when there's a price-drop on your must-have item. 

  • InvisibleHand

    Image via InvisibleHand

    InvisibleHand is a browser extension works by sending quick notifications when it sees that an item you've got your eye on is being offered at a lower price somewhere else. The best part is that it remains 'invisible' until an opportunity arises to save you money! 

  • BerryCart

    Image via BerryCart

    As the name suggests, BerryCart is an app that finds the best coupons and money-saving deals for healthy products.

    We're talking about organic food, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, allergy-free, all that good stuff that our bodies crave. It's free to download at the app store, and amazingly intuitive from the first click. 

  • Level Money

    Image via Level Money

    Organizing money and knowing what portion to spend can be complicated, but Level Money helps you control it by setting target goals and suggesting amounts to spend on non-urgent items each month (we're talking about shopping!).

    Use this app to track your money, be more aware of your spending habits, and ensure that everything is accurately accounted for.

  • Shopkick

    Image via Shopkick

    Shopkick is a super-simple mobile app that shows you the best offers when you walk into a store (it's not all about online shopping).

    You can get reward points -- called Kicks -- and redeem for gift cards, scan barcodes, submit receipts for more Kicks ... basically, the more you actually go shopping, the more you'll reap the benefits. 

  • Checkout 51

    Image via Checkout 51

    If you frequently buy certain brands when you're grocery shopping, Checkout 51 is a must. It lets you save on those brands, get cash back, and provides weekly lists of new offers. There's no bells or whistles here, just an honest way to save a few bucks on household essentials. 

  • CouponCabin

    Image via CouponCabin

    We're all familiar with coupons, but most of us don't use them enough! CouponCabin makes it easy. Download the iPhone app, and start seeing exclusive offers from all your fave brands like Macy's, Nike, Urban Outfitters, Amazon, Target, and more. You can have deals delivered to your inbox daily, which makes the whole process way more streamlined.

  • SavingStar

    Image via SavingStar

    When it comes to groceries, saving doesn't get easier than this. SavingStar is an app that shows offers on healthy foods, gives cash back on grocery savings, and remembers which stores you frequently shop at so that the offers can be appropriately tailored. Especially useful if you're looking for deals on fresh produce. 

  • Wallaby

    Image via Wallaby

    Wallaby is a fantastic iPhone app for shopping, because it familiarizes itself with your credit cards and choose which one will best maximize rewards and minimize interest charges. As you can see, it's already going above and beyond the typical money-saving app -- and venturing into financial planning. It's a no-brainer

  • Ibotta

    Image via Ibotta

    Ibotta is an iPhone app that works by giving you real cash back when you shop for groceries, cosmetics, clothes, pharmacutical products, electronics, and more.

    You can sync it to transfer that money to PayPal or Venmo, or even into a gift card. 

  • Favado

    Image via Favado

    The whole idea with Favado is to save money on groceries. But it goes further than that by striving to split the bill in half or more.

    Don't waste time going through grocery store ads, because this iPhone app finds the best deals on all the usual suspects! It's great for those times when you quickly need to find the best deal on something you buy all the time. Like milk. 

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