12 Women on How They Finally Got Their Financial Lives In Order

I've done a lot in life that I can be proud of: I have three college degrees, a challenging job that I love, and a great family. But if I'm being honest, the thing in life that I am most proud of is the fact that I managed to climb out of over $25,000 worth of credit card debt. 


I accrued the debt in college and those expensive years right after graduation, and it took me almost five years of hard work and scrimping to get debt free. I was more proud of myself the day that I sent that last payment into Citibank than I was the day I earned my college degree.

I've now been free of credit card debt for almost ten years (but let's not discuss my student loan situation!) and I still love hearing about how other people totally transformed their financial lives.

Read on for some real-life financial inspiration for women who got their money acts in order and learned some hard lessons along the way. 


Image via iStock.com/bowie15

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