10 Mortifying Times Work-at-Home Life Made Moms Yearn for the Office

According to a recent poll, the number of people who work from home all or at least some of the time has been increasing in recent years. In some ways, working from home sounds amazing, right? No commute. No annoying coworkers. No need to actually put on pants -- you're living the dream, one day at a time!


But according to some moms who work from home, the dream sounds more like a veiled nightmare. Working at home can be challenging and lonely at times. It can also be rife with some surprisingly embarrassing moments.

Whether the embarrassments were caused by children, technology, or some terrible combination of the two, these 10 mortifying tales will make office life seem like a paradise!


Image via iStock.com/Poike; unsplash/Karolina Grabowska.STAFFAGE

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