10 Mortifying Times Work-at-Home Life Made Moms Yearn for the Office

Wendy Robinson | Sep 8, 2016 Money
10 Mortifying Times Work-at-Home Life Made Moms Yearn for the Office

According to a recent poll, the number of people who work from home all or at least some of the time has been increasing in recent years. In some ways, working from home sounds amazing, right? No commute. No annoying coworkers. No need to actually put on pants -- you're living the dream, one day at a time!

But according to some moms who work from home, the dream sounds more like a veiled nightmare. Working at home can be challenging and lonely at times. It can also be rife with some surprisingly embarrassing moments.

Whether the embarrassments were caused by children, technology, or some terrible combination of the two, these 10 mortifying tales will make office life seem like a paradise!


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  • Bathroom Blunder

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    "I was on an excruciatingly long webinar and I had to poop ... BADLY. We were 30 minutes from wrapping it up and I knew I wasn't gonna make it. So I muted my audio and brought my laptop to the bathroom so I could hear what was going on. I set the computer on the floor and got to business. 

    "A minute later I got a bunch of frantic text messages. I forgot that I had my video camera on! Apparently, everyone on the webinar could see my underwear down around my ankles. I wanted to die. So embarrassing." -- Noelle M., Oakdale, Minnesota 

  • Casual Monday

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    "After YEARS of lobbying for it, I finally got approval to work remotely. My boss was very hesitant but I promised my work quality would be stellar and professional, like always.

    "The first day I was home, I let myself get a leisurely start -- took a long shower, painted my nails, put on a face mask, made some coffee, all before I settled into work. I was still getting dressed for the day when I heard a knock on my door.

    "Yeah, it was my supervisor's assistant delivering some paperwork. And I answered with a towel on my head and no bra. So much for maintaining that professional image." -- Katie D., Olympia, Washington

  • Tummy Troubles

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    "I don't usually work from home, but my house got hit hard by norovirus last year and everyone but me was a puking mess. I called in sick to take care of everyone but was trying to get some work done anyways.

    "At some point my boss called to check in on something. I was talking to her on the phone when my daughter screamed in the background 'I'm puking and pooping and I can't stop!' 

    "Poor kiddo. My boss was like 'Um, I'm going to let you go deal with that now' and hung up as fast as she could."

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  • Not Quite Home Yet

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    "This one is my own fault. I stupidly told my boss, who has no boundaries, that I'd be willing to do some work from home when I was on maternity leave.

    "Yeah. He showed up AT THE HOSPITAL the day after the baby was born with paperwork he wanted me to sign. He walked in when I was sleeping and got an eyeful of me in my postpartum glory -- adult diaper and all. Awesome." -- Name withheld

  • Paperwork Problem

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    "Part of my monthly closeout process is to submit my expense report, including receipts. No biggie, I just scan them in and send them to the business office.

    "One time though I accidentally scanned in the wrong receipt, which I found out when they sent it back to me as 'not work related.' 

    "Because, yes, it include several grocery store items, including diapers, ice cream, maxi pads, and LUBE. So freaking embarrassing." -- Lorena W., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • At the Zoo

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    "I am the only one on my team who is allowed to work from home, for a lot of long and complicated reasons. I have one coworker who is super jealous and always trying to get me in trouble or make it seem like I'm not actually working.

    "One day, she called while I was taking my son to the zoo. She could hear the background noise, including my son screeching about a gorilla, and hung up and went right in to HR to report me. Ten minutes later, I was trying to wrangle my son (who was hell-bent on running into the snake exhibit) and trying to remind HR that I had actually submitted a vacation request for the afternoon. It was so stressful, I hate feeling like I am getting in trouble, even if I'm not, and I ended up in tears at the zoo." -- Jessanne R., Abilene, Texas

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  • Mute Fail

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    "We have monthly web-based meeting as our whole department works remotely. As a general rule, we all keep our audio on mute unless we are talking, so the background noise doesn't distract.

    "Well, one day, someone on the call didn't mute and we could hear her having a long phone call with her husband that involved her telling him about their clogged toilet. It was graphic. Like, really graphic -- I know that whicher of her kids clogged the toilet had been eating corn recently. I was so embarrassed for her!" -- Michelle T., Phoenix, Arizona 

  • Seeing Too Much

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    "I went online one morning for a conference call. I was dressed for work from the waist up, not wearing pants from the waist down, but I didn't realize that the mirror behind me on the wall was making it possible for my coworkers to see my bright pink underwear!" -- Paulie N., Omaha, Nebraska

  • Morning Meetings

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    "My husband and I both work from home sometimes. One day, I had just gotten out of the shower and was going to get dressed when I saw him working on his computer. I stopped to ask him something and saw his eyes get really big.

    "He was on a video conference and they could all see me. Whoops!" -- Katie L., Saint Paul, Minnesota 

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  • Tablet Trouble

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    "I work from home with a company computer and a tablet. Our company policy is really clear that our Internet usage is monitored so I am VERY careful to only use my technology for work purposes only.

    "Then one day I got a notice that I had to come in and meet with HR for 'violations.' Turns out, my 11-year-old son had figured out my pass-code for the tablet and had looked up a bunch of stuff on the Internet, including the search terms 'butt' and 'naked butt.' I was put on probation, he was grounded for a month." -- Name withheld 

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