11 Travel Apps That Are Helpful AF for Saving You Time & Money

Kiarra Sylvester | Oct 4, 2016 Money
11 Travel Apps That Are Helpful AF for Saving You Time & Money

Even though it feels like only yesterday that we were sweating through summer, the holidays will soon be upon us -- along with the stress and cost of trip planning. Going over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house doesn't come cheap, after all! 

But thankfully, times have changed, and instead of dealing with a grumpy travel agent, you can search the world wide web on powerful search engines and sites. 

They find better deals, take on more of the grunt work, and essentially make the planning process as seamless as possible. But some are better than others, and odds are, you're not finding the best deals simply skimming sites like Travelocity or Orbitz.

So if you're planning a holiday getaway in the upcoming months (or even if you're just looking), we've rounded up 11 OG travel sites and apps that will let you save so much, your next trip could very well be on the horizon.


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  • Travel Pirates


    More and more people are discovering Travel Pirates, so let's pray that the deals don't stop rolling in once everyone gets wind of this.

    This site alerts you of deals that they've found and usually list about three cities -- just in case everyone doesn't live in New York or LA, ya know? And, the best part is they will filter these deals for you based on destination, budget, and month. 

  • Hopper


    Hopper is an app that allows you to watch flight prices without having to hop on the computer and pull up all those damn tabs to compare prices.

    You enter your dates, they predict when your flight will be the cheapest, and if they tell you to wait, you can then hit the binoculars icon -- they will notify you instantly when prices drop. 

  • Sky Scanner


    Skyscanner is by far one of the best as it allows you to book flights by entering your location as "everywhere."

    By doing this, they give you a ranking of the cheapest places to travel (starting in your own country) to the more expensive destinations. This site is definitely ideal for the money-saving traveler. 

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  • Skipper


    If you're planning for a major family vacay, Skipper is perfect. This allows you to block out hotel rooms for groups of two people and up, alleviating some of the pressure that comes along with planning group travel.

  • Roadtrippers


    Roadtrippers is really simple: Put in a "starting point" and an ending destination, and they will map out the best route and have suggested hotels, attractions, and "weird things" to see along your way. 

  • Travelmath


    Travelmath calculates the cheapest and most efficient form of transportation from point A to point B -- comparing the price of flight to that of a car. It also lets you add in anything that may be necessary on either route (e.g., rental car or hotel). 

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  • Airbnb


    Airbnb allows you to rent homes, rooms, and sometimes couches all over the world.

    Most times, this is a cheaper alternative than a hotel, as it provides access to a kitchen and other amenities. It also makes for a more local experience if you want to stay somewhere with character (and real talk: Who doesn't?!)

  • Turo


    Turo is kind of like the Airbnb for cars. We're not totally sure how we feel about this yet, but people had many doubts about Airbnb and here it is thriving. This site gives three options: 1) You can pick up the car from an agreed-upon location; 2) the owner can deliver the car to you; or 3) you can simply use this rental service for a ride to and from the airport. 

  • LoungeBuddy


    Ever had to spend more time in the airport than you planned for -- we're not even talking layovers here, we're just talking about how sometimes sh*t just happens? Either way, LoungeBuddy lists all the lounges inside whatever airport you're in and also provides the entry fee for each one. This could be the difference between sleeping on hard seats with no Wi-Fi to and a nice recliner with unlimited Wi-Fi (and possibly a relaxing shower).

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  • Rome2rio


    Rome2rio gives you a play-by-play of how to get to whatever destination your heart desires, from the cab or train you'll need to get to the airport and so much more. They also list the prices of all transportation options, making booking a breeze. 

  • Field Trip


    There's nothing worse than having to listen to tour guides talk for hours at a time, going on in monotone voices about facts or dates you don't care about. With Field Trip you can explore your destination on your terms, as the app allows you to create your own experience wherever you go based on your interests.

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