13 Times When Quitting a Job Felt Oh So Good

Wendy Robinson | Jul 26, 2016 Money

mad womanA quick count on my fingers reveals that I've had at least 20 jobs in my life, which means I've quit at least 19 times. Most of the time leaving is bittersweet -- I've been ready to move on but would miss my coworkers or the work I've been doing. But sometimes, oh man, quitting can feel SO good. 

I'm kind of a goodie two-shoes, so I've never quit a job in a blaze of glory. Which is probably why I LOVE these stories of people who left crappy work situations exactly how they wanted to. Oh yes, we've got walkouts and curse outs and wheels peeling out of the parking lot. 

Grab some popcorn -- you know you want to read this!


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  • Should Have Quit Sooner

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    "I had been working for two years at a small family-owned restaurant in my home town. The manager (owner's son) was a huge jackass, sexist, narcissist. Pick your description -- it fit him. He had already been through a sexual harassment suit with a previous female employee. I was in the kitchen trying to get an order to a cook and he was trying to get around me. Grabbed the belt loop on my jeans (ripping it) and yanked me out of his path and said, 'Get out of my way, bitch.' [I] took off my apron, laid it on the front counter, and left in the middle of my shift (I didn't think any explanation was needed after that!). I should have quit that job months earlier, but you put up with more crap than you should when you don't know better (I was 18)." -- A.W.

  • Bad Dad

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    "I worked for a small business, and it is hard to say who was the bigger asshole -- the father or the son, who were the co-owners. They were such jerks and treated all of us like crap. The day I quit, I told them both, to their faces, exactly what flaming human garbage fires they were. It was the most satisfying moment of my life." -- P.K. 

  • The Blur

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    "I left a job yelling and cursing to the owner of a jewelry store at how horrible they were. It felt great knowing someone finally said all the sh-t to his face that we talked about constantly at work. He was a royal D-bag. I don't remember all of it, it was kind of a blur." -- J.K. 

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  • Mama Drama

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    "My most epic quitting story was the time when I told my mom, who was my boss at our family business, that I was quitting because she was driving me crazy and that I was starting to plan to put her in a bad nursing home someday. 

    We didn't talk for six months afterwards. But we're good now." -- G.R. 

  • Mr. Pervy

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    "My boss was sexually harassing me, including sending me creepy texts about sexual things. After he sent me a dick pic and HR did NOTHING, I quit. I also forwarded all his texts to his wife and his mom. Burn it all down." -- D.S.

  • Ditcher

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    "My awful boss and I lived in the same smallish town and commuted to the city. She insisted I start carpooling with her, by which she meant I'd do all the driving and she'd never chip in for gas. 

    The day I quit, I just left. Left her there with no explanation, no note, no nothing. I always wonder how long she looked for me before she realized she needed to figure out how to get her lazy ass home." -- A.R. 

  • Black Friday

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    "I was the general manager at a soul-sucking big box store. After getting screwed over, again, by corporate, I decided to quit and open my own business

    On Thanksgiving, I emailed a bunch of staff that were scheduled to work on Black Friday and told them I was giving them the day off, paid. And then I just didn't come in to open the store at 3 a.m. like I was supposed to. I turned off my phone and slept in for the first time in years. I am sure they lost money in sales that day." -- T.Y. 

  • Bad Professor

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    "I was a graduate assistant when I was working on my PhD; I was assigned to the prof who ran my program. Instead of using me to assist with his workload and the program/classes, he pimped me out as his personal secretary. He had me schedule all of his appointments, linked me up with his online calendar, and even had me watch his insane cat while he was out of town (I had to go to his house and medicate his cat). I finally went to the dean -- he was the only person above my "boss." It was really satisfying to quit that position (and get moved to a new spot) and leave him without an assistant, meaning he had to schedule his own damn appointments." -- R.F.

  • The Lookbook

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    "I was 18 and got a full-time job at the Abercrombie. I went through the training and over the weekend before my first official day, I read over the "lookbook" they gave me. It stated I had to wear current floor merchandise the way they like it, hair, styling, shoes, the whole shebang! If you did not meet their standards, they could send you home. I would only be getting a 10 percent discount too?! I went to work Monday morning, threw the book in my manager's face, and told them I quit." -- M.B.

  • Too Nice

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    "I worked part time at a bead store on the East Coast in my early 20s. I had a lot of loyal customers who would come in specifically for my help. On days that I wasn't working, sales were significantly lower. I was told that I shouldn't be helping the customers as much and I really shouldn't talk to them. Fast-forward a few weeks and I was called downstairs to my boss's office. She told me 'Emily, you have two options. Either stop being so goddamn nice and bring out your inner bitch or find another job. You are making the rest of us look bad.'

    My response, 'I think I'll take my final check now, thank you!' -- E.T.

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  • Corrupt School

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    "I was working for a charter school that was run by some super shady people. I quit in the middle of the day, left them a nasty note, and then went to the department of education and dropped off a bunch of evidence that the owners of the school were falsifying academic records." -- S.T. 

  • Senior Discount

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    "I was working as a trainer at a gym and we got a new manager who was very worried that our 'brand' wasn't sexy enough. They got to the point that they wanted us to stop doing training sessions with people who were 'off brand,' meaning those who were overweight or old. 

    Well, this pissed me off because I think fitness is for everyone. So I kept training them but stopped charging them. I made it almost two months before I got caught. I guess I was more fired than quit, but I left in a blaze of glory, including throwing f-bombs." -- C.H. 

  • We All Quit

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    "After a bunch of shady treatment from corporate while working at a retail store, a few of us orchestrated a mass quitting. After closing the store one night, the manager, two assistant managers (including me), and the receiver faxed in our resignations -- and then set the alarm, locked up the store, and dropped our store keys in the mail slot. See ya!" -- S.R. 


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