12 Horrible Coworkers Who Made Work Life Suck

office meetingHer name wasn't Jane, but I'll call her that. For almost three years, Jane was the worst part of most of my days. She was an exasperating combination of lazy and know-it-all, and the times when I had to interact with her were the times when my job felt the most like WORK. 


One of the hard realities of adult life is that although you can choose your job, you can't choose your coworkers. Sometimes you luck out and get colleagues who become friends. Other times, you end up sharing cubicle space with someone who becomes known as the "dental floss bandit" (true story! See story #5 and cringe). 

Read on for stories of coworkers so annoying that all you'll want to call HR yourself. 


Image via iStock.com/laflor