11 Surprising Ways Summer Can Blow Your Budget

Stephanie Booth | Jun 17, 2016 Money
11 Surprising Ways Summer Can Blow Your Budget

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School's out and you know what that means! Nope, not gloriously lazy days at the pool, poorly written beach reads you still can't put down, and Popsicles dripping over the back of your car/couch/hand. (Although all these things are TRUE.) Summer's also primo time for screwing up your finances.

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  • BBQs


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    "The standard food requirements for a barbecue with 10 guests includes up to four pounds of meat; one pound of vegetables; five six-packs of beer; four liters of soda; and about 20 pounds of ice," says consumer and money savings expert Andrea Woroch. Tasty? For sure. But spendy, too, so making your next backyard BBQ a BYO event, advises Woroch. "Have every guest bring a dish to share, something to grill or their favorite beverage."

  • Summer Clothes Shopping


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    Obvs you need to hit the mall to stock up on this summer's must-haves. (We mean you, espadrilles and aviator sunglasses!) To prevent sticker shock, shop at second-hand stores or hit lower-priced clothing stores like Target and Old Navy. "If you just can't suppress the siren song for a new summer staple, use coupons from CouponSherpa.com to offset your expense," Woroch says.

  • Sunscreen


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    Hey, all that SPF doesn't pay for itself. If you're using as much as you're supposed to -- i.e., a shot glass over your entire bod -- you're going to go through it FAST. "Generic sunscreen works just as well as the name brands," says Woroch. (But costs a lot less.)

  • Pool Toys


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    Rafts. Kickboards. Wacky noodles. Beach balls. Inflatable whatnots. Those pool toys add up, sister. (Especially if you have forgetful kids who constantly leave 'em behind at the pool.) The least you can do is buy your pool accessories from a discount retailer. Stores like TJ Maxx and HomeGoods sell items for up to 60 percent off, Woroch says.

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  • Summer Camps


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    What lucky kiddo wouldn't want to go to horseback or tennis or sea kayak camp? "However, your budget may not have room for the average $271 to over $700 monthly camp expense," Woroch notes. A cheaper alternative? Pick up an America the Beautiful Pass from the National Parks Service. For $80, your family can visit over 2,000 national parks, wildlife refuges and protected lands across the US.

  • Family Fun Parks


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    A 1-day ticket to the Magic Kingdom? $105. Universal Studios? $102. Disneyland? $99. And that's per person, BTW. NOT per family. Some museums and zoos aren't a whole lot cheaper, so if you want to keep your kids entertained without breaking the bank, check out free or discounted summer activities in your area, Woroch says. Kids Bowl Free, for instance, is a nationwide program offering two free games each day over the summer.

  • Family Vacations


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    According to a 2013 survey conducted by American Express, the average family vacation costs a whopping $4,580. (If you just threw up in your mouth a little, you're not alone.) Save your bucks and pull off a staycation -- which can be made a lot less lame by truly exploring your hometown. "Research free events, walking trails, nature hikes, and art walks in your community," suggests Woroch.

  • Family Reunions


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    "Depending on how far you're traveling, this could end up being a costly trip," says Woroch. Not that you should forego it, of course. But if you have a say in the matter, "make it part of your annual vacation by extending the trip a few days and exploring other attractions nearby," Woroch suggests.

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  • Weddings


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    If you received an invite to a summer wedding (or are in the bridal party), "get ready to spend anywhere from $600 to $1,400 on a single celebration," Woroch warns. You can slash some costs by sharing hotel with friends or family members or (gulp) wearing an outfit you already own.

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  • Patio Furniture


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    More sun = more time outdoors = hmmm, isn't it time to replace that sagging picnic table in the backyard? Yup, and that's how you drop a couple hundred -- or few THOUSAND -- bucks fast. "If you can hold off," advises Woroch, "the best deals come after the season ends in September.

  • Air Conditioning


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    Wanna guess how much Americans spend on cooling costs every year? We'll just tell you. It's $11 BILLION. You can cut YOUR bill by looking for energy-suckers like duct leaks, dirty filters, and broken window seals. Then, "Consider investing in a programmable thermostat which learns your schedule and only operates the cooling system when someone's there to enjoy it," Woroch advises.

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