11 First Day of Work Horror Stories to Make Your Bad Day Look Pretty Good

Wendy Robinson | Jun 13, 2016 Money
11 First Day of Work Horror Stories to Make Your Bad Day Look Pretty Good

working No matter how much you love your job, you know that you can expect to have some bad days here and there. But what do you do and how do you bounce back when your FIRST day is your WORST day?

We have 11 stories of first-day-of-work fails that will make you laugh, cringe, and -- spoiler alert -- maybe get grossed out a little (sorry, #1 and #10). I highly recommend reading this over your lunch hour. Your job will seem so much better afterward!
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  • Bus Troubles


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    "I got a new job working downtown. Since parking was crazy expensive, I decided to commute by bus. One problem -- I'd never taken the bus before and didn't know that it made me CRAZY motion sick.

    So, yeah, I barfed all over myself and my briefcase on the way to my first day. I spent the first 20 minutes of work in the bathroom trying to get the puke smell off me. Excellent first impression." -- Carly W., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Wrong Class


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    "My first day as an adjunct instructor at a new college and I went to the wrong classroom! I ended up teaching Intro to Religion for over an hour to a class who was supposed to be taking Advanced New Testament. I still wonder why they didn't stop me and where their real teacher was." -- Laura N., Holland, Michigan

  • Typo Trouble


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    "At the end of my first day, I sent an email to my staff of 40+ people. I meant to say that my first day was busy and that I was excited to get started on our project. What I ACTUALLY said was 'I've been so busty today and I am so excited!'

    Yikes. And, yes, I do have big boobs. So embarrassing." -- Arabelle F., Dallas, Texas

  • Wonder Woman


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    "My husband gave me a pair of Wonder Woman underwear to wish me luck on my first day. Unfortunately, more than one coworker saw my lucky undies since I forgot to pull my zipper up and then had to give a presentation. I realized halfway through my 15 minutes. Mortifying!" -- Leslie T., Chicago, Illinois

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  • Wrong Girl


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    "When I was a teenager, I applied to a job at a hospital gift shop and was so excited when I got the call that they wanted me! It was my first job and I was so pumped when I showed up for my first shift. The manager gave me the weirdest look when I arrived and then told me to wait while she called someone.

    Turns out that they interviewed two girls named Jessica and meant to hire the OTHER ONE but accidentally called me instead. It was so humiliating. They offered me a candy bar 'for my trouble.' I'm still bitter." -- Jessica D., Tampa, Florida

  • Super Late


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    "I got a job working in financial aid at university. I didn't realize that the campus and the area around it was under mega construction during the summer. So, when I went in for my first day, first I couldn't find any place to park and then I got totally confused about how to get to my office with street closures. I ended up being over an hour late and I am someone who HATES being late so when I got there I was sweaty, frazzled, and totally frustrated. My boss said they thought I was going to pass out when he saw how red my face was." -- Dolores G., Tucson, Arizona

  • The Gap


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    "In college, I got a job at my favorite store: the Gap! I had a total brain fart my first day and went to the wrong store. There was a Gap at both of the malls in town and I totally blanked and went to the wrong one. I showed up and they were like, 'Um, who are you? Why are you here?'

    So embarrassing!" -- Janelle G., Roseville, Minnesota

  • Laid Off


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    "I got hired for a corporate job. I had my first day and it seemed to be going well and then I, and the rest of my department, got called in for a surprise meeting. Turns out we were all getting laid off. Yep. I got laid off on my first day. That HAS to be a new record, right?" -- Name withheld

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  • Firestarter


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    "I set the microwave on fire in the breakroom because I forgot to take the foil off of part of my lunch. I was known as 'firestarter' the rest of the time I worked there." -- Beth T., Costa Mesa, California

  • The Puker


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    "I got barfed on my first day as a student teacher. I was helping a kid and she looked at me and her cheeks got big and then she just let loose. Total fire hose situation. As a teacher, this was the first of many times a kid has gotten puke on me." -- Sara F., Tucson, Arizona

  • Criminals


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    "I got a job working as an administrative assistant at a investment place. During my first day, I was asked to do a bunch of document shredding. I did it without any questions. Only later, after the place got busted by the IRS, did I realize I had probably been an accessory to a crime. Thankfully I was working somewhere else by the time that happened." -- Name withheld

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