Money Talks: This Tool Can Get You Sale Prices -- Even After You Buy Something

So look: We can't tell you to stop online shopping. Whether you're in the market for blenders or ballet flats or bulk baby diapers, you will be visiting Amazon/Sephora/Target, and we just can't stop you. But we can get you money back for doing the shopping you're already going to be doing, so you're welcome. Well, okay -- we won't be getting you money back, but we will be pointing you to Paribus, which will do the money fetching. Here's how.


Basically, what's going on is this: You buy a super cute pair of slingbacks from Nordstrom for 20 percent off because you're a sale-catching kind of gal. You spend $50, but THEN, because Nordstrom personally has it out for you, the store drops the price down to $40 one week after you bought them.

Many stores have clauses somewhere in their legal mumbo jumbo guaranteeing you the lowest price -- which means they owe you the money you lost on your purchase by missing the sale. The catch is that you have to ask. And who has time for that?

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Not us, but Paribus does. Demanding money from stores is literally all it was put on this earth to do. It sifts through your recent receipts and monitors prices on the stores you use. Then, when it sees you lost $10 on your Nordstrom slingbacks, it emails Nordstrom and asks for your money back. They say yes, and you get dolla dolla bills, y'all.

The downside is, of course, that you have to give Paribus access to your emails. It'll only look at ones that seem like they're from merchants, and theoretically, you won't even know it's there. You also need to give it your credit card info. It entrusts this with, which is def safe, but it's understandable that especially private people might feel weird about this.

But if you're cool, they're cool. And they're ready to get you money back -- and whether it's 50 cents or $50, we're here for it.


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