Money Talks: The Online Shopping Tool That Does the Coupon Search for You

Back before there was our beautiful, lovely Internet, couponing came in the form of books, binders, and a loooot of scraps of paper. It was an easy way to save money, sure -- but it was also a hobby. Today, it's easier. Though there are a million apps out there to help you save with coupons, we're going to talk about the super easy, super free browser extension called Honey.


Honey runs in the backround all the time, but it really kicks into action when you head to sites where you can buy online. It searches around for coupons available at whichever store you're looking at, and when you're ready to buy, it'll present you with the options it found. If you like them, you can apply them to your order.

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What we love about this is that hopefully, you won't be persuaded into shopping when you (and your bank account) aren't ready for it. Instead, Honey only tempts you with coupons when you're going to be buying stuff anyway.

Usually, Honey will send a handful of codes at once. While some will be outdated or otherwise ineffective, there's a pretty good chance one will work -- and because it's at no extra cost to you, Honey's one of those things that really can't hurt to try.


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