14 Smart Financial Moves Couples Made Before Having a New Baby

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Babies are so cute. So cute and so expensive -- between diapers, bottles, clothes, and nursery furniture, the costs add up quickly. And what's worse, they seem to come out of no where once baby actually arrives. For many families, making sure they are in good financial shape before the baby arrives is a top priority. I mean, babies have A LOT of needs and there is really no way around it.


According to Fox News, the USDA projected that in 2015 a middle class married couple spends between about $12,400 and $14,000 annually -- including everything from baby gear costs to monthly diaper expenses.

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While the truth is many families will receive outside support to alleviate those costs via baby showers or potential family members pitching in to watch your LO, it still helps to be financially prepared for the worst.

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And who better to hear from than moms and dads who have been there? Whether it was seeking professional advice or kicking some expensive bad habits, women we spoke with had some smart ideas for getting financially ready to grow their families.

Read on for their totally doable ideas about how to make sure money worries don't take the joy out of welcoming a new baby.

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