Money Talks: How to Get 30% Off in Your Fave Stores Without Waiting for a Sale

You know how every year, without fail, your mother's brother's cousin gives you a gift card to iTunes even though you switched to Spotify months ago? Or how you get a really nice gift card for gas ... even though you haven't had a car since you moved to the city? They're always nice and well-meaning, but a lot of times, these cards just go to waste.


But with sites like,, and (and to search all of those sites at once), you can turn those cards into major savings.

How? Two ways. The first is to sell the cards you're not going to use anyway. You're probably not going to get full prices, but $92 for a $100 gift card that would have just sat at the back of your wallet for a few years isn't a bad deal.

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The second way is to buy the cards other people are selling. This is where you're going to see real savings -- many of the discounts run as high as 30 percent, which means you pay $20 for a $30 gift card to 1-800-Flowers and get $10 of flowers for free.

And the more you're willing to buy, the bigger savings you'll see. So if you're planning a shopping spree anyway, you can buy a $300 Loft gift card for $200 ... and get $100 of free clothes in the process.

The gift cards range far and wide, too -- you'll find everything from IKEA to JetBlue to Chipotle to your local grocery store. 

So if you're going to spend, do it with some extra cash in your pocket. Who said free money is't a thing?


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