Money Talks: This Simple Trick Can Slay Your Electric Bill

If there's one thing it's easy to dump money into every month without really thinking, it's the electric bill. It's expensive and it sucks, but electricity counts as an essential, and it's one of those things we've pretty much resolved ourselves to paying a lot of money for.


But your electric bill is almost definitely higher than it has to be because you're paying for electricity you're not really using by leaving certain electronics plugged in all the time.

Now, look. We know you've heard of vampire appliances before, and just kind of skimmed over stories about products that drink up electricity and poop out massive electric bills without doing much about it. But when families start talking about saving 25 percent or more on electricity, we start listening.

Even though appliances and electronics are more electric-bill-friendly now than ever before, there are still some you need to watch out for. Yes, you use your TV every day, but would you take an extra second to plug it in before collapsing on the couch if we told you it could save you more than $50 a year?

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The biggest money savers are going to be things like computers, sound systems, printers, TVs, DVRs, cable boxes, and laundry machines. But even unplugging small things like lamps, chargers, and clocks in rooms you don't use will add up to decent savings by the year's end.

Plugging everything into flip-switch power strips will save you some cord yanking, and is a great options for plugs that are hard to access. You can also buy a power usage monitor to find the biggest culprits in your own home, and stab them with stakes as you see fit.

Save money, save the environment, slay some vampires. Sounds like a good deal to us.


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