16 Women Confess Their Craziest Lottery Fantasies

woman at airportRealistically, I am not going to become a millionaire with Wednesday night's Powerball drawing. That doesn't mean, however, that I didn't happily join in a lottery pool with my friends. I like to think of my $10 entry as buying a ticket to have some really expensive daydreams.


When it comes to fantasizing about winning the lottery, I'm sure that most of us think about the practical things we'd do: pay off student loans and mortgages, set aside money for the kids' college funds, and maybe even quit our jobs.

But the real fun of lottery anticipation is thinking about all the totally IMPRACTICAL things you could do with a major windfall. In my lottery pool, for example, are wishes for travel, elaborate revenge scenarios, dreams of celebrity servants, and more. Here, 16 women share theirs:

1. "I want four nannies and a chef!" -- Sara S.

2. "I'd hire a skywriter to write 'I quit' in the sky above my office. And then I'd show up to work in an outfit made of $100 bills. I'd give money to all the people I like, and then once I'm naked, I'd OUT. Mic dropped and OUT." -- Sue T.

3. "Besides stocking my house full of every designer mid-century modern piece of furniture, pottery, or art that I've ever pined over AND after the tummy tuck and wardrobe overhaul, I would travel EVERYWHERE ever. I'm talking gold toilets and wine coming out of your kitchen faucet crazy-stupid money silliness." -- Megan M.

4. "I'm going to install multiple giant bathtubs/hot tubs around my home. I want to always have the option of getting into a hot bath with a glass of wine." -- Anna J.

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5. "Put the ticket in a safe deposit box at the bank, then get on a plane and head to Hawaii for a couple of weeks. Lay low, make plans (attorney, planner, accountant), and look for real estate. Buy my husband a Tesla. The most extravagant thing is the house in Hawaii. I'd probably buy a little hobby farm in Wisconsin, start up some hobby CSA with a pizza farm and learning kitchen, etc. Maybe do some agra-tourism stuff there. Then, I'd start collecting art, with plans to leave it to the museum and get a gallery named after the family." -- Yesenia A.

6. "Hire Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones to read me and my kids bedtime stories and have Ryan Gosling tuck me in at night." -- Megan M.

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7. "I'd have Prince be my spokesman and he'd only answer in guitar solos." -- Lizzi K.

8. "A grand piano! But I'd need a new house to put it in." -- Joanna D.

9. "I would buy the Seattle Seahawks and then eliminate them as a team." -- Molly O.

10. "Dream green/eco modern farmhouse in Napa or Sonoma with a hobby farm and hobby vineyard, a writing cottage, a library, a natural swimming pool, a kick-ass guest house, and an incredible woodworking shop for my husband." -- Tamara S.

11. "Along with the private plane I'm buying, I'd hire a personal travel agent to do all the planning, reservations, and guiding. I have some minor anxiety around traveling yet want to go everywhere. This solves my problem." -- Katie F.

12. "Seek revenge on everyone who's wronged me ... I MEAN, open an animal shelter, of course." -- Paula G.

13. "I think I might buy Donald Trump and light his hair on fire just for fun. Then, with the money left over I'd buy Taliesin West. There I would set up communal living, become a Reiki master, and smoke weed until I was dead. Oh, and travel away to Asia during the wicked hot Arizona summers." -- C.F.

14. "I'd buy a farm with hired help so that we could travel the world. I'd also pay for and oversee a private school that would serve those students I fought for to only see them fall through the cracks due to politics and state funding." -- Mariah W.

15. "Snowplowing, plowing for the whole block. (Yes, we do live in Minnesota!)" -- Jessica G.

16. "No question: Give my son a sibling." -- Suzanne S.


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