16 Women Reveal the Splurges They Refuse to Sacrifice (PHOTOS)

piggy bankWhether your goal is to pay down debt or just to save more aggressively for retirement, there comes a point where you have to have the "what are we willing to give up" conversation. In my house, this is also known as the semi-annual fight about cutting cable (you'll cancel Bravo over my cold, dead, reality-loving body, husband!).


So far, I've won the cutting-cable fight by reminding my husband that we have to have some balance in our financial life. Yes, we need to tackle the beast of my student loans, but we also need to have a little fun along the way.

Here, 16 women share what they refuse to give up to save money. Whether it's small pleasures (#3) or life changing experiences (#12), everyone agrees that life is too short to live in total financial deprivation, no matter how lofty our money goals may be.


Image via iStock.com/simarik

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