15 Women Share Their Most Ambitious 2016 #MoneyGoals

Wendy Robinson | Jan 4, 2016 Money
15 Women Share Their Most Ambitious 2016 #MoneyGoals

woman working on budgetIf the start of the new year has you thinking about your finances, you aren't alone. Money-related habit changes are among the top three most common resolutions, right behind the old favorites of losing weight and getting organized.

Whether you are trying to trim your debt or grow your savings, you are not alone. And, if you haven't made a resolution yet, here, 15 women share the money changes they're deadset on making in 2016. You're sure to be inspired!


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  • Experience More


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    "In 2016, I want to spend less money on stuff and more money on experiences." -- Andrea P., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Big Sacrifice for the Big Picture


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    "I plan to sell my house and use the profit to pay off the student loan from hell. This will result in us living with my mom for a few months. Ugh." -- Jessica R., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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  • Credit Card Pay Down


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    "Goal: Pay off our remaining credit card by March, transfer the money we were paying onto our line of credit and start making a dent in that. Also, build up our emergency savings and begin savings account for things like a new couch and a trip to Disney (in about four years)." -- Dalziel W., Alberta, Canada

  • Student Loan Struggle


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    "I'll finish grad school this spring, and then [I'll] have to figure out a new budget that will allow for us to start paying back the $100K I borrowed. We have a little time before the loan payments start, so I'm using the first part of the year to try to find a second job and to make sure our credit cards are paid off before the loan starts. Student loans, man. The struggle is real!" -- Miranda J., Des Moines, Iowa

  • No More Daycare


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    "We are getting close to being done with two kids in daycare (!!), so I'd really like to have a plan for what we'll do with that money. Up until now, we haven't been saving much on an ongoing basis because daycare is a HUGE chunk of our monthly income. Figuring out what to do with that savings, investing it wisely for retirement, setting up specific funds for the kids' college, etc. I think it's finally time to meet with a financial adviser to help us figure it all out and get a realistic picture of what our next 20 years should look like." -- Jennifer L., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Getting Back on Track


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    "Our financial resolution is to get back on track with Dave Ramsey. Look for better-paying jobs to cover our basic monthly bills with money left over every month to throw at debt. Losing 2/3 of our income in September obviously turned the tables on our plan to tackle debt. We are going to hit it HARD in 2016, and regain control!" -- Patty C., Grand Rapids, Michigan

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  • Cooking Up Savings


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    "Meal planning (starting with the Fresh 20 cookbook I just got!), pay off credit card that was used during maternity leave, start saving for baby Finn's future education!" -- Maggie K., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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  • Tax Time Prep


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    "First on the list is to find a tax professional to help us with our 2015 taxes and make a plan for 2016. We had gotten an inheritance, and buying a house and more income have made things more complicated. We need to start college funds for our 7- and 2-year-old boys and establish a home remodel savings account. And all around, just take control of our monthly spending." -- Jenifer G., Seattle, Washington

  • Life Insurance


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    "We really need to get life insurance this year. A friend of mine lost her husband in an accident last year, and now I really see how important it was. She'd be bankrupt if it wasn't for his policy." -- Grace R., Phoenix, Arizona

  • Home Sweet Home


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    "Our goal is to finish building our down payment fund for a potential house purchase in spring of 2017. I'm EXCITED." -- Sara S., Bee Cave, Texas

  • Retirement Goals


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    "By mid-2016, we'll be finished paying off two big debts that eat about 20 percent of our take-home pay, so meeting with a financial planner will be high on the list. We already have several small savings funds, but we'll need to add to those and really increase our retirement contributions. Also, rebuilding credit from the hit it took from those debts will be something we need to work on." -- Darla K., Eugene, Oregon

  • New Wheels


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    "We're trying to buy a car with cash. Not sure yet if it'll happen but we're working on it!" -- Missy C., Dallas, Texas

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  • Travel Dreams


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    "Our family goal is to take 2018 off and camp our way around the country. This year is all about saving toward that goal. We are going to live as cheaply as we can and cut most fun stuff, except for a few camping trips!" -- Olivia B., Colby, Kansas

  • Back to School


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    "This is the year that I'm going to go back to school to FINALLY finish my degree. It will cost us money in the short-term, but over the long-term I'll have much better job prospects with my degree finished." -- Jessica M., Denver, Colorado

  • Making a Plan


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    "We need to pay off our last credit card, pay off our car, and then make a new budget to get ready for the fact that our income is going to decrease by $100K if my husband gets the new job he is hoping for. It will be tough to have our income go down that much, but I'm at peace with it. He is so so unhappy, and money isn't worth it if we never see him, and he has anxiety all the time. It's just hard because we don't live extravagantly now." -- Anonymous

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