10 Best & Worst Cities for Celebrating New Year's Eve on a Budget (PHOTOS)

best and worst cities to celebrate NYEIf you haven't finalized your New Year's Eve plans just yet and are considering either heading out on the town or just plain out of town, you may want to read this first. Wallet Hub has ranked the best and worst cities for ringing in 2016 when it comes to how much the celebration will cost you. 


Hang on to your pocket book because some of these cities may surprise you. For example, you'd think New York City, home to that famous Times Square ball drop, would set you back a pretty penny. But it turns out the Big Apple comes in smack in the middle of the list at number 25. (Maybe that's if you're getting your dinner from a hot dog vendor?)

Wallet Hub's expert panel ranked 100 cities according to food and entertainment options as well as costs, safety, and accessibility.

Check out this list and see if partying in your area is cost-effective or guaranteed to break the bank!


Image via sidarta/Shutterstock

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