Women Pay More for Everything -- but You Can Beat the 'Pink Tax'

woman upset by online purchaseIf you have a job outside the home, you're getting paid less than a man. And if you're a full-time SAHM, you're earning about $74,000 that you'll never see. But a new study has alerted us to yet another gender inequity. Pretty much everything we women buy costs more than a man pays.


The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs conducted their first-ever study of gender pricing of goods sold in the Big Apple. (Insert joke here about just how wormy the results were.) Forty-two percent of the time, women's products cost more than men's. More for accessories, more for clothing, more for personal products. As if tampons are a luxury item!

Even girls' toys and clothing cost more than boys'.

Even senior home health products cost more for elderly women than for elderly men.


So annoying that we asked a few money-saving experts to pass on their best tips for getting around this inevitable price gauging.

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1. Shop in the men's department. (Or the boys' section.) Need a "unisex" piece of clothing like a white tee? "If you can fit into extra-small men's clothing, then you're going to hit it big on the sale and clearance items," says Paul Moyer, founder of SavingFreak.com. "Most men don't fit into extra-small clothes so they're frequently left over toward the end of the clearance run."

2. Hunt for the best-priced pair of shoes. You know how outrageously priced an amazing pair of boots can be. "The best thing you can do is find several brands you like and know exactly what size fits you," suggests Moyer. Then, hit discount sites like 6pm.com or Kohls.com to hunt those suckers down. "You'll know the shoes will fit properly and you'll get steep discounts over in-store prices," Moyer says.

3. Save big with boys' sneakers. "If you wear a woman's size 9 or smaller, chances are you can find similar shoes in the boys' department for half the price," notes Jia Wertz, founder of fashion start-up Studio 15. "A boys' size 7 fits a women's size 9."

4. Buy your beauty products at the drugstore. "Department stores and their brands charge more for women's health and beauty [products]," points out Teri Gault, CEO of TheGroceryGame.com and a lifestyle savings expert. "Almost every high-end department store's most popular cosmetics have a counterpart at the drugstore for half the cost or better."

5. Don't be swayed by a product made "just for women." "There's no such thing as a 'pen for her,'" points out Benjamin K. Glaser, features editor at DealNews. Well, actually there is -- but you don't need it. "Don't pay extra for a basic item just because they slap some pink on it," Glaser advises.

6. Avoid impulse purchases. "Saving often comes down to planning," explains Ashley Feinstein Gerstley, a money coach and founder of personal finance site Knowing Your Worth. "It's important to know exactly what you want ahead of time so you can wait for the sample or blowout sale. We often pay for convenience or because we need something last-minute. Planning ahead is a big money (and stress!) saver."


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