11 Ways to Go Broke Setting New Year's Resolutions (GIFS)

new year's resolutions

There are about a million different ways to go broke during the holiday season, but just when you think your bank account has been dealt its final blow -- in marches the new year and all its big plans.


No, we're not talking about shelling out a boatload to attend a swanky, expensive New Year's Eve party (we're usually passed out with our kids by 9 p.m.); this is all about those New Year's resolutions.

Whether you want to get healthy, get hooked up, or simply get it together -- it's going to cost you ... a lot.

1. Time to sign up for a shiny new gym membership.

2. Those cute workout clothes will surely get you to the gym.

3. Marathons -- you're finally going to run one this year. Those can cost big bucks.

4. Of course, you'll need to buy some wearable tech to make it happen because you're really serious about running.

5. To get in the best shape of your life (for real, this is your year), you're also going to have to change your diet. So let's kick-start it with an expensive juice cleanse, shall we?

6. But you can't live on juice forever, so let's learn how to cook with a subscription box like Blue Apron.

7. We should probably start eating organic.

8. And don't forget about all of the brand-new containers, boxes, dividers, and gadgetry you're going to load up on because this is the year you get organized.

9. You're even going to purchase those special containers to house these ...

10. This year you're extremely hopeful you'll fulfill your secret wish of sending everyone you know and love birthday cards ... through the actual mail! In preparation, you'll buy out Hallmark at the beginning of the year.

11. Because you put all of that time and energy into your hot new body, cleaning up your home, and being a gracious friend -- you're really owed a fabulous family vacation this year. Better book that now.

Happy New Year!

Images via Brian A Jackson/shutterstock; GIPHY

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