10 OMG Texts About Money Struggles That Are All Too Real (PHOTOS)

Wendy Robinson | Dec 14, 2015 Money
10 OMG Texts About Money Struggles That Are All Too Real (PHOTOS)

husband wife discussing budget text messageWe've all heard the cliché that it isn't polite to talk about money, but thankfully that advice is totally out of date. Besides, who needs to talk about money when you can text about it?

We collected 10 of the best texts about spending, saving, holiday budgets, and more that incite a bevy of reactions -- from fuming to LOL-ing. You might find that some of them are oh-so-relatable. (I'm not the only one feeling #5, right?)


Image via Tami T.

  • Don't Ask Questions


    Image via Amber T.

    And this is why you should always try to be the one to get the mail first.

  • A Reasonable Budget


    Image via Tami T.

    Well, I think this seems like a totally reasonable Christmas budget.

  • Too Much


    Image via Paulette G.

    Oh dude. You'd better hope that bow and arrow set is returnable.

  • A Good Friend


    Image via Jess M.

    And that is what friends are for, right?

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  • Living the Dream


    Image via AJ W.

    $100 to spend at Target with no guilt? Living the dream, lady. Living. The. Dream.

  • The 1 Click Danget


    Image via Laura Q.

    The tablet is a great way to distract a toddler ... until he starts spending your money on Amazon.

  • Baby Mama Drama


    Image via F.W.

    The dreaded workplace chip-in request. Nothing like spending your money on buying stuff for someone you don't like.

  • Not a Joking Matter


    image via Mya M.

    Ooh, too soon for the money jokes, dude. Too soon.

  • Spender Marries Saver


    Image via Abby C.

    A holiday bonus at work is awesome. A beach vacation is awesome. But paying off a credit card? Awesomely adult.

  • Big Winners


    image via Sarah B.

    Two whole dollars? Try not to spend it all in one place, you lucky winners!


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