14 Things Only Budget-Conscious Moms Understand (GIFS)

woman with floating dollar billsIf the sight of an orange clearance sticker at Target makes your heart beat a little faster -- hello! You are one of my people. People may make fun of us for being cheap or money-obsessed, but I say let them laugh. We'll be laughing later on when we are able to retire in style, right?



If you aren't sure if you are a money conscious mom, please consult the list below. If you find yourself nodding in agreement, congratulations! You are officially one of us.

1. This is how it feels to walk into an empty room and see all the lights on.

2. Seeing a 70 percent off sign at Target is like seeing a slice of heaven itself.

3. You have friends who totally understand the thrill of finding a great deal and know how to react appropriately when you tell them about the jeans you just got for $3.

4. When you buy a cute dress on sale for 50 percent, and then, a month later, find the same one for 75 percent off ... and EVERYTHING IS AWFUL.

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5. When you find out your partner paid FULL PRICE for your Christmas present, and you try to be chill about it.

6. You know that nothing feels better than getting complimented on an outfit you got on sale.

7. You track every penny. What are these "bounced a check" or "your credit card didn't go through" thing people talk about?

8. Coupons? Duh. Of course you use coupons -- via apps, the newspaper, your email, whatevs!

9. How people react if you ever pay full price for something:

10. What you think retirement is going to be like, when you are finally done saving for it:

11. How your kids react when you explain the importance of saving money to them, AGAIN:

12. When you find a quarter on the street:

13. When someone calls you "cheap" and you take it as a compliment:

14. When you tell your kids they can have anything they want ... as long as it comes from the dollar section at Target:


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