10 Purchases to Make in December If You Want to Save Money

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It's December, which means shopping season has begun for many Americans. December is generally the busiest shopping month of the year and some stores expect to make 30 percent of their revenue for the year from holiday shoppers, who are expected to spend over $630 BILLION dollars this month. While the retailers might be excited to make big bucks, I've got you covered if you are looking to save a little this month!


Obviously, if you are willing to wait until December 26th, you can stock up on Christmas decor and seasonal items this month. But there are other bargains to be found this month, including:

1. Champagne: Prices for the bubbly stuff actually drop this month, which is great if you want to stock up for holiday dinners or plan ahead for New Years Eve.

2. Outer wear and winter gear: Retailers don't want to carry bulky coats, hats and gloves on the racks after the holidays as they want to get out spring items in the new year. You can expect deep discounts on coats at both big box stores and specialty retailers.

3. Cell phones: According to Business Insider, December is often the cheapest month to buy a new cell phone, which could be the perfect gift for someone dying for the latest and greatest models.

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4. Baking goods: Baking staples like chocolate chips, pre-made pie crusts, and other essentials for holiday baking are often on sale this time of year, especially as grocery stores compete for the holiday dinner dollars. Check your local grocery ads for the best deals. You may also find things like aluminum foil and disposable baking pans for reduced prices as well.

5. Golf Clubs: With snow covering the ground in many places, it isn't surprising that not too many people are thinking about playing golf right now. This is the off-season, which makes it a good time to buy golf clubs

6. Tools: Does Dad need another socket wrench for Christmas? Tool retailers are hoping so! Tool prices tend to go down for the holidays, so buy now if you know you'll be needing tools for spring home repairs.

7. Board games: If you are thinking about starting a family game night tradition in 2016, December is the best time to stock up on board games at the big box retailers. If video games are more your speed, keep your eyes open after Christmas for post-holiday discounts.


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