Why Black Fridays Sales May Look Strangely Familiar This Year

Black Friday has become such a thing, and people (aka you, me, the rest of the country) go crazy for it -- what else other than actual insanity would drive people out of bed at 4 a.m. the morning after Thanksgiving? Anyway, we love Black Friday, but Black Friday does not love us: According to WalletHub, the whole thing is a scam, and many, many stores aren't offering you new or special deals anymore.


It wasn't always this way. At first, the deals were actually good. That's why people started going shopping on the last Friday in November, and as more people caught on, everyone started going earlier and earlier. Other than the 4 a.m. thing, it all makes sense so far. Right?

Right. But then big, rich companies caught on, and they figured out that even if they don't offer great deals, people are still going to show up at their doorsteps on Friday morning armed with battle axes and credit cards.

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What they do instead, according to WalletHub's research, is mark down items to the same price as they were last year. Big Lots and Costco are two of the biggest culprits: A full 16 percent of their 2015 deals are repeated from last year. 

Here are some examples:

2015s How Black Friday Deals Changed from last year infographic v1

Source: WalletHub

Do you feel kind of cheated? Us too. Are you still probably going to line up outside Costco at 6 a.m.? Us too.

Or maybe it's time we all sign a pledge to choose sleep over shopping this year? You sign first. We'll sign if you sign.


Image via © FluxFactory/iStock

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