9 Steps to Going Broke With Your Kids at an Amusement Park (GIFS)

mom with her daughter at amusement park carouselIf it feels like your hard-earned money is flying out the window as soon as you find your family within a five-mile radius of an amusement park, it's because that's exactly what's happening.


Listen, we love a family fun day as much as the next person, but sometimes they're just so expensive. Just know that as soon as you agree to head to Wally World, your pockets are going to need to be deep.

Here, how going broke at an amusement park goes down ...

1. You Misread the Age and Ticket Requirements

That's weird! You could have sworn kids ages 3 and under get into the park for free. Except the rule is actually only those under the age of 2 can go ticketless, which means you're on the hook paying for an additional child. You're not even past the gates, and already, you're spending more than you had planned.

2. Say Cheese!

Yes -- you're in! But no sooner has your brood passed through the turnstiles than you're bombarded by one of the park's handy photographers at the ready to take a picture of you at the start of your day. Well, you do need something for this year's holiday card, so there's $20 out the window.

3. You have stroller struggles.

Your 4-year-old insisted he didn't want to sit in a stroller with his little brother, so you left the double at home and brought the more compact single for your youngest child. Except now the 4-year-old is acting like he has the vapors and is pleading to be pushed around. That means you'll be renting one of these.

4. Eeeeaaaaats!

One word -- snacks. Somehow you manage to blow your entire grocery budget for the month on the barrage of junk food your children are begging for throughout the park. But you're kind of on vacation, right? Admittedly, those theme park churros are tasty.

5. Now, there's a wardrobe malfunction.

You firmly told your kids not to play in the splash area, because there's no change of clothes for them. Yet somehow, some way, they are soaked. Guess who's buying branded T-shirts and shorts for the lot of them?

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6. We hope you've got game.

Oh, look, carnival-style games that aren't included in the admission price. Fantastic. Naturally, the kiddos will want to play, and you'll find yourself wishing they would just let you purchase a stuffie in the gift shop rather than spend the wad of cash you're shelling out for them to try to "win" one. It would be cheaper.

7. Not to burst your bubble...

Children love balloons. Love 'em. You know what amusement parks have? Enticing balloons they absolutely have to have, and usually they're at least $7 a pop -- more if they light up. Gah!

8. Can I have that?

Souvenirs are a fact of life at amusement parks. Who wouldn't want to commemorate their day with an overpriced treasure that will probably be forgotten by tomorrow morning?

9. You'll be back.

And, finally, don't forget about those annual passes you purchased on the way out. Because despite the hit to your bank account, it was impossible not to melt after seeing how much fun your kids had at the park. But, seriously, does there have to be a gift shop at the end of every ride? Can we do something about that? Please, and thank you.


Image via ByeByeTokyo/iStock

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