12 Men Confess How They Truly Feel About Their Partners Earning More

couple working on computer on couchA few years ago, after the surprise discovery that we had a second baby on the way, my husband and I took a long hard look at our financial situation. After running the numbers on the cost of having two kids in day care, it became clear that having my husband become a stay-at-home parent made the most financial and personal sense. And so, he quit his job, and I became the primary breadwinner.


With that decision, I became one of the more than 30 percent of American women who earn more money than their partners.

For my husband and me, not much changed about our relationship, financial or otherwise. We already had combined finances and I was already the one who handled all the bills and other financial responsibilities.

But for some men, having a partner who brings home a bigger share of the bacon can be a surprisingly emotionally complicated experience.

Here, 12 men anonymously share their real feelings on the idea of having a partner who earns more than they do. You might be surprised at just how they really feel when it comes to this sensitive money topic. 


Image via © monkeybusinessimages/iStock