8 Steps to Going Broke With Your Kids at the Grocery Store (GIFS)

mom talking to her daughter at the groceryWhen you have kids, you literally hemorrhage money no matter where you go -- and the grocery store is certainly no exception.


Yes, you may be a proud, organized mama who has made a list (and checked it twice) of everything you need to make a week's worth of meals, but once your kiddo slides into that cute little car-themed shopping cart, all bets are off.

For starters, kids think your money is their money.

And as soon as you walk through those automatic doors, they need something like ...

1. Refreshments

There's nothing like sitting in a grocery cart and taking a load off that makes a kid thirsty, so they insist you purchase a water or juice of some sort before you even get going.

2. Toys

No, this is not a toy store -- this is the grocery store. Yet somehow, no matter where you go, kids can find a cheap, silly plaything that they will be bored with after owning it for five minutes. While this is an easier expense to shut down, occasionally you'll give in. And when you do, you feel like a sucker.

3. Food They Will Never Eat

Have you ever noticed how kids decide they're really adventurous eaters when you're in the grocery store? All of a sudden they want to try new things (maybe even, gasp, vegetables), and they'll beg you to buy these ingredients for them ... only to be brought home and scoffed at later.

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4. Four Types of the Same Snack

Heaven forbid every member of your family like the same thing. Nope, if you have two kids in that cart, get ready to spend double. And it's not because you're feeding multiple children; it's because they each want to "choose" their own. One box of cereal bars isn't enough -- Johnny will want to choose the apple flavor and Suzie will want strawberry, otherwise ...

5. Alcohol

At this point in the shopping excursion, you've likely hit the wine aisle, and your kids have likely started hitting each other. So, you're going to need copious amounts of "mommy juice."

6. Junk Food

Hey, how did those chocolate chip cookies get into the cart? Well, you're already close to checkout so you might as well just buy them.

7. Flowers

Kids like to be thoughtful with your money. If you're passing the floral department, chances are they'll want to pick out something pretty for Grandma, Aunt Sue, cousin Lily, or maybe even you. And you're trying to encourage acts of kindness, so you oblige, even if it feels more like you're just blowing your hard-earned cash ...

8. Takeout

Ironically, you're so exhausted after hauling your kiddos around the store that chances are you don't feel up to making dinner. So then you end up spending on the opposite of groceries.


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