10 Purchases to Make in November If You Want to Save Money

woman shopping on her phoneWhen it comes to bargain hunting in November, it can be all too easy to think that you have to hit up those crazy 4 a.m. doorbuster sales with a belly full of turkey. But the truth is that for many items, prices are actually cheaper before Black Friday. This is the best news for people like me who love both sleep and bargains!


November is historically a prime time to save on everything from baking goods to major appliances. Check out our list below of the best things to buy all this month -- no waiting until after Turkey Day required!

1. Halloween clearance: Not only are Halloween costumes and decor on major clearance, but savvy shoppers will look for Halloween-branded grocery items that can be used every day. I just scored granola bars, snack crackers, and other school lunch supplies at 50 percent -- just because they were in Halloween packaging. Look also for things like paper plates, food storage containers, and plastic ware that can be used for casual use at home.

2. Kitchen gear: This is a great time to buy anything you'll need for holiday baking season: Items from Kitchen-Aid mixers to roasting pans will go on sale ahead of Thanksgiving.

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3. Appliances: November is typically the cheapest month to purchase major appliances, such as vacuums and refrigerators. Again, these will go on sale in advance of Thanksgiving, so you can be all set with that new fridge to hold your leftovers!

4. Clothing: Ahead of the holidays, you'll be able to snag the best deal of the year on pajamas and slippers at retailers like Victoria's Secret, Gap, and Land's End. Other clothing bargains will include outerwear and boots.

5. Wedding dress: If you happen to be a bride-to-be, this is the cheapest month of the year to buy your wedding dress.

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6. Bikes: Okay, so winter is not usually the best time to go for a bike ride, but it is the best time to plan ahead for spring. You can find some deep discounts on some snazzy two-wheel rides this month.

7. Turkey: Sorry, chicken, this is turkey's month to shine! You'll find discounts on the big birds both before and after Thanksgiving. If you have the freezer room, consider buying two or three for use after the holiday season, because it makes a mean feast any ol' day, as well.

8. Smoking cessation tools: November 19 is the American Cancer Society's Great American Smokeout, aimed to help people quit smoking for good. Many stores will have sales on things like gums and other other smoking cessation aids in conjunction with this month. Not only is quitting a good idea for your health, but kicking that habit for good is probably also the best thing you could do for your wallet this whole year!

9. Baking supplies: Many grocery stores will run sales on the items you'll need for holiday baking, so keep an eye on your local ads for bargains on spices, mixes, and pie fillings.

10. Apple gadgets: Last November, the tech company showered its fans with deals on iPads. You could save as much as $100 on the iPad Mini 4 and iPad Air 2.


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