8 Steps to Going Broke With Your Kids on an Airplane (GIFS)

little girl with cell phone on planeOnce you become a parent, it seems like there isn't a single place you can take your kids that doesn't become at least twice as expensive. And, yes, those sweet little faces can even suck your wallet dry at 35,000 feet in the air.


Of course once they turn 2 years of age (or simply too big to be a lap child) there's the obvious cost of an extra airline ticket, but we're talking about all those other items and services that start to add up when you're taking Junior on a flight. Get ready to pony up some cash.

1. Baggage fees. Gone are the days when you can cram all your stuff into a carry-on and leave it in the overhead compartment -- you're packing for at least two now.

2. Technology. Trying to eliminate screen time? That goes out the window when you want your kiddos to look this happy in-flight. Portable DVD players (yes, they still make 'em) and tablets come at a price but will be your new best friend.

3. Movies. But didn't you just buy that portable DVD player and a slew of shows and movies? Yep, but of course you won't have the one flick they notice is available for purchase through the airline's in-flight entertainment options.

4. Activity books & games. Unless you're encouraging your child to unleash her inner Banksy and color the walls of the airplane, you'll want to provide a canvas of some sort upon which she can color or play games. Stock up on those activity books.

5. Snacks. In our experience, children treat flights like it's an all-you-can-eat buffet, so you better have enough snacks to tide them over until you reach your destination.

6. Post-security water & juice. Of course in our modern travel era, you can't stock up on water and juice before security, so you'll be paying big bucks for the airport's jacked-up beverage prices. And, no, the kids won't want to wait until the beverage cart makes its way down the airplane aisle.

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7. Tiny suitcases. Those little wheelie suitcases that Grandma and Grandpa gave your kids last year for the holidays are all sorts of adorbs and perfect for travel ... only they gave one child a dinosaur and one a monkey-themed case. Naturally, the one gifted the monkey suitcase wants the dino variety. Must buy a second dino suitcase, otherwise you'll have this to deal with:

8. Adult beverages. Congratulations -- you're finally on the flight! Only your nerves are shot and you're still hemorrhaging money, so you're going to need an adult beverage. Pick your poison, Mom. It might be seven dollars for the worst glass of wine you've ever had, but it will do.



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