11 Moms Confess Their Biggest Money Mistakes From the Big Kid Years

family leaving the grocery storeBetween diapers and daycare and formula, there is no doubt that babies are expensive. When you are parenting those adorable little money-suckers, it can be easy to hope that parenting will get cheaper as your child gets older. And then, you have to sign up for soccer for the first time or realize that big kid clothes are a lot more expensive than tiny onesies. Parenting: not for the faint of spending.


Here, 11 moms of big kids share their biggest money missteps.

1. "Signing a year-long contract for my son's expensive karate class. After a month, he decided he hated it, and then, my husband's hours got cut at work. It was a miserable year." -- Danielle B., Denver, Colorado

2. "Not starting college accounts sooner. I wish I had done this for my older two when they were toddlers. It was always on the back burner. Now they are 12 and 14, and we finally have one going." -- Jane D., Springfield, Missouri

3. "I didn't realize when we signed my son up for baseball that we were starting on a road that led to travel teams, out-of-town tournaments, hotels, etc. We spend THOUSANDS of dollars a year on baseball for a kid who is good but not like going-to-the-pros good." -- Heidi H., Durango, Colorado

4. "I really wish we hadn't started the expectation that each kid would get a birthday party every year. With three kids, it is getting to be too much. The older they are, the more expensive the parties are. I spent over $1,000 this year on parties, and they weren't extravagant things." -- Rachel G., Redding, California

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5. "Gymnastics. I wish we had started her in a cheaper sport. Now she wants to do cheerleading and dance too, and I hate to say no but I don't think we'll be able to afford it." -- Abbie M., Saint Paul, Minnesota

6. "I regret buying my 12-year-old a dental retainer that he lost in less than a week! No, wait, I regret that I have a 12-year-old who would lose his head if it wasn't attached." -- Gracie T., Des Moines, Iowa

7. "I bought my daughter an American Girl doll even though I suspected she was probably getting to the age where she was too old to play with it. I was right. That thing is just sitting in a box. I wonder if she'd notice if I sold it on eBay?" -- Michelle S., Peoria, Illinois

8. "I spent $150 on soccer gear for a kid who'd rather be in the bleachers reading. Dumb." -- Val T., Holland, Michigan

9. "My daughter, who just started puberty, BEGGED me to pay extra to have her school pictures touched up so they could make her pimples look less noticeable. Yeah. These pictures are laughably bad. She looks like an alien. I need to help her just embrace the zits as a part of life at the moment." -- Lauren E., Hudson, Wisconsin

10. "I bought an expensive closet organizing system for a 12-year-old boy who is the biggest slob on the planet. I've realized it is just cheaper to close the door." -- Melanie H., Austin, Texas

11. "My daughter is obsessed with singing talent shows and wanted singing lessons. I bought them. She still can't carry a tune in a bucket." -- Jamie J., Edina, Minnesota


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